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Celestial Event: Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower

If you and your kids love seeing shooting stars, you'll want to catch the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower in late July!  While this meteor shower is active from mid-July to late August, the approximate peak with the darkest skies will be July 28-29. Plan to camp out and set an alarm for around 1am to see the peak of this shower!  Find the constellation Aquarius, specifically the Delta star, to locate the radiant. You can expect to see about 10-20 meteors per hour. The moon will only be 1% full in late July so the sky should be dark and perfect for viewing! We can thank Comet 96P/Maccholz for this shower - we get to see so many "shooting stars" every year...

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NASA Artemis Moon Mission

"The exploration of the moon is a shared effort woven together by a desire for the greater good." Learn more about NASA Artemis: click here "The breakthroughs of the Artemis era will define our generation and the generations to follow." We love this quick video explaining the NASA Artemis mission and why we're heading back to the moon: click here "Why the moon? Because the missions of tomorrow will be sparked by the accomplishments of the Artemis generation today." Need your own Moon Buddy? click here

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Total Lunar Eclipse 5/16/22

Grab your Buddies and put your eyes to the skies! A total lunar eclipse is coming early in the morning of 5/16. Photo: Flickr/Bernd Thaller, 2018 Click here to find out when you can see this eclipse Click here for more info on total lunar eclipses, and the Danjon scale of brightness during an eclipse Want to commemorate this celestial event? Shop our Earth, Moon, and Sun Buddies now! 

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NEW Buddies have launched!

AstroBuddy is the newest member of the Galactic Gang! A born explorer, this little plush tot is ready to explore the wonders of space! AstroBuddy has a removable zippered backpack that can store all the necessary essentials to make every imaginary spacewalk a success. Shop AstroBuddy now Crunch Bunch are interactive sensory toys designed for infants. Available in Sun, Moon, and Earth, each Crunch Bunch contains a crispy, crinkly fill whose sound and feel will delight little ones. The body contains a squeaker and a rattle. The teething ring can double as a hook to hang the toy above a crib or stroller. Facial features are embroidered for extra safety. Each Crunch Bunch features a classic Buddy design on the front and a brand new custom...

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Listen to the sounds of space

🎶 Nep-tunes! 🎶  But jokes aside, NASA spacecraft have gathered radio emissions from space that sound really cool when converted to sound waves!  Visit this playlist with your space-loving kids to listen to the sounds of space: We think plasmawaves & whistler waves sound the coolest, how about you?

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