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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Celestial Buddies?

Celestial Buddies is an original line of plush characters each personifying a celestial body occupying our heavens. The Celestial Buddies' "Big Bang" moment occurred after the creator of this miniature stuffed universe saw a documentary series on the Solar System, realized that there were no plush toys. depicting the planets and started designing. Have you ever noticed that there is so much variation among the planets and other celestial bodies, and that each has its own unique characteristics, identity and personality?

Are there discounts for teachers?

YES! Celestial Buddies offers teachers a 20% discount for the purchase of a complete set of Buddies and a 10% discount on smaller quantities. Note that to obtain these discounts, you will need to use a bona fide educational institution as the shipping address. Please email us at to obtain the appropriate coupon codes.

Do You Accept International Orders?

​Yes we do! You may purchase directly from us using this website, which will automatically calculate postage charges to most countries. If, however, you receive a message saying that we do not ship to your country, please send us an email right away at, and we will re-configure the site to include postage to your location. Most international shipping is done via USPS First Class International Mail.

We should point out, however, that the Celestial Buddies are now available at many stores and museums in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

Where are the Buddies made?

Celestial Buddies are made in China at a modern factory that uses only the finest materials and workmanship and that meets international standards for safety and working conditions.

Are They Safe for Children?

​All Celestial Buddies models have been tested for safety by an independent testing laboratory and meet all European Union and United States Consumer Products Safety Commission standards for toys manufactured for children ages 3 and up.