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Celestial Event: Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower

If you and your kids love seeing shooting stars, you'll want to catch the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower in late July! 

While this meteor shower is active from mid-July to late August, the approximate peak with the darkest skies will be July 28-29. Plan to camp out and set an alarm for around 1am to see the peak of this shower! 

Find the constellation Aquarius, specifically the Delta star, to locate the radiant.

You can expect to see about 10-20 meteors per hour.

The moon will only be 1% full in late July so the sky should be dark and perfect for viewing!

We can thank Comet 96P/Maccholz for this shower - we get to see so many "shooting stars" every year as the Earth passes through the stream of debris it left behind.

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For more information about the Delta Aquariids:

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