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NEW Buddies have launched!

AstroBuddy is the newest member of the Galactic Gang! A born explorer, this little plush tot is ready to explore the wonders of space! AstroBuddy has a removable zippered backpack that can store all the necessary essentials to make every imaginary spacewalk a success.

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Crunch Bunch are interactive sensory toys designed for infants.

Available in Sun, Moon, and Earth, each Crunch Bunch contains a crispy, crinkly fill whose sound and feel will delight little ones. The body contains a squeaker and a rattle. The teething ring can double as a hook to hang the toy above a crib or stroller. Facial features are embroidered for extra safety.

Each Crunch Bunch features a classic Buddy design on the front and a brand new custom Buddy print on soft cuddly flannel on the back.

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