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Sun Buddy
Sun Buddy
Sun Buddy
Sun Buddy
Sun Buddy

Celestial Buddies

Sun Buddy

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I am a hot shot, full of energy!

Sun…is a hot shot full of energy! Sun is located at the very center of the Solar System. No wonder he has such a big ego, but who can blame him? The whole solar system literally revolves around him!

I’m a real hottie! The temperature at my center is a sizzling 28,500° F, and on my surface it is 10,340° F.  I am the star located at the center of your Solar System, but I am just one of an estimated 200-400 billion stars orbiting within our Milky Way Galaxy. There may be as many as 200 billion galaxies, which means that your Sun is only one out of 80,000,000,000,000 stars!

I am composed mostly of hydrogen and helium with trace amounts of other elements. All my energy is produced in my core by nuclear fusion. This energy travels to the surface and is then emitted as visible light, which reaches the Earth, 93,000,000 miles away, about 8 minutes later, and as the heat that keeps our planet warm..


  • Height of toy seated is approximately 9 inches
  • All New Materials
  • Content: Polyester Fiber
  • Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations
  • Hand Made in China
  • Rated "0+" . . . Appropriate for children of all ages
  • Care. Spot clean with mild detergent and cold water, but toy may be machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle, if needed.  Best to dry at low or no heat in a pillow case or similar to reduce risk of scratching "eyes."

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Jessica McIntosh

    Love the sun. It’s so cuddly and soft.

    Linda Umezawa
    Perfect for space nursery and beyond

    Need all of them!


    Absolutely love the Celestial Buddies we ordered and can’t wait to order the rest of the collection for our little guy on the way.

    Beautiful plushies

    Loved the items, they seem incredibly well made and i was impressed by the size of them even after considering the stated dimensions online. My nephew will love them!

    Kathy Masaoka
    Sun Buddy

    Grandson loved it and it completed his planet collection.