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Moon Buddy
Moon Buddy
Moon Buddy
Moon Buddy
Moon Buddy
Moon Buddy
Moon Buddy

Celestial Buddies

Moon Buddy

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I am your loyal and constant companion!

Moon…is your loyal and constant companion! Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite and loyally follows the Earth as they both orbit the Sun.

I am the Earth’s only natural satellite. I am held in orbit by a mutual attraction to Earth’s gravity. Ocean tides are a direct result of my gravitational forces pulling on the Earth.

I was created when Earth was impacted by a massive object at the beginning of the Universe. The expelled material formed me! The half million craters on my surface were created by impacting meteors and asteroids. I don’t emit my own light. It is the Sun’s rays reflecting off my face that produce my brightness. My orbital and rotational periods are the same, so people on Earth can only see one side of me.  Sometimes, my orbit takes me directly between the Earth and the Sun, causing a solar eclipse and plunging parts of the world into total darkness . . .but only for a few minutes.

I am the only celestial body that Earthlings have visited. . . so far:   Mars . . .you may be next!


  • Height of toy seated is approximately 5 inches
  • All New Materials
  • Content: Polyester Fiber
  • Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations
  • Hand Made in China
  • Rated "0+" . . . Appropriate for children of all ages
  • Care. Spot clean with mild detergent and cold water, but toy may be machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle, if needed.  Best to dry at low or no heat in a pillow case or similar to reduce risk of scratching "eyes."

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Philip Schuessler
Moon Buddy is the Best

I love my Moon Buddy. It is one of the oldest buddies in my collection. It is so soft and cuddly. It is a vital part of my set of buddies

shauna Stead
Love my moon buddy!!

My friend has a space obsessed 3 year old and this moon buddy is going to be the perfect Christmas gift!!!

Lisa Blackmore
No regrets

Excellent quality and oh so cute! I bought them with the Earth buddy for Christmas gifts. I'm sure they will be loved. I wished some of the proceeds went towards helping the climate but it didn't stop me from buying 6 Earths and 3 moons 😁

angel r.
Okay, not great

The price is a little much for the size of the plush. But it’s overall cute and got here pretty fast!

My favorite satellite

Moon may be Earth's only satellite, but it's my favorite one. It's cute and small and sweet--and very calming to contemplate. I looked for Neil's and Buzz's footprints, but perhaps because they're so faint, I couldn't find them. This little Moon is the best.