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eclipse book with solar eclipse glasses
solar eclipse glasses
solar eclipse book inside page
solar eclipse book inside page

Celestial Buddies

NEW! "Oh! What a Joy is a Solar Eclipse" Book & Glasses

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🤗Celestial Buddies is pleased to present this informative, yet whimsical 40-page children's guide to eclipses of the Sun! The beautiful book comes with 2 safety-tested eclipse viewing glasses.

The guide explains how eclipses occur, the differences between total, annular, and partial eclipses, how ancient civilizations reacted to these strange events, and how and where to view eclipses safely. 

Although total eclipses occur somewhere on Earth around once every 18 months, these two, on October 14th, 2023 and April 8, 2024, will be the last such events visible in North America until the mid-2040's don't miss this opportunity, and let your Celestial Buddies be your Guide!

Solar Eclipse Glasses Details:

  • Two safety-tested Glasses
  • Recommended by the American Astronomical Society
  • Manufactured by American Paper Optics
  • ISO 12312-2 Compliant
  • Cute Celestial Buddies Design!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris Compton
Great story and art.

Loved the book and glasses are very nice.

Great set!

This is a great set. I used the book to teach my kids (ages 4-7) about solar eclipses, as well as, my Girl Scout troop (ages 7-8). They all really enjoyed the pictures explaining the solar eclipse. It’s probably one of their top three books still after weeks since the eclipse.

Anne Fox
Glasses are great they story was forces

The glasses that came with the book were great. Unfortunately the story was pretty boring for my 6 year old. The first half was pointless rhymes that he didn't care for to get to the actual information.

Douglas Lowin
"Oh! What a Joy is a Solar Eclipse" Book and Glasses

This book is excellent! I purchased this book for my daughter in law who teaches pre-kindergarten classes. She plans to read it to her students this week, prior to the upcoming solar eclipse. In the meantime, I plan to borrow the book back at the end of the school week. Our grandchildren (ages 9 and 11 years old,) will be spending the weekend with us. They describe themselves in the most positive way as "science nerds". We'll
read the book together as it includes age appropriate content for every age. Thanks to the two pair of safety glasses included with the book, we"ll then be able to take turns viewing the solar eclipse together. What a fun activity to share as a family.


It was a book that I thought I would be able to put glasses on while reading