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Comet Buddy
Comet Buddy
Comet Buddy
Comet Buddy
Comet Buddy
Comet Buddy
Comet Buddy

Celestial Buddies

Comet Buddy

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I am a long-distance traveler!

Comet…I’m a long distance traveler!

We are restless wanderers, taking elongated orbits around the Sun. Our orbits may take us very far away, but some day, we will return! I can be described as a dirty snowball because I’m made mostly of frozen water and dust. Some scientists believe that comets are responsible for bringing some water and organic molecules to Earth’s surface at the beginning of the Solar System.

My most distinctive characteristic is my “coma” or tail sweeping out behind me as I travel through space. This tail is a result of passing close to the Sun, evaporating my ice into water and releasing dust. We comets orbit the Sun, but in elongated elliptical orbits, not circular ones, sending us far out into space, but always to come back, years, centuries or even millennia later.  Some of my most famous cousins are named after the astronomers who discovered them, like Halley's Comet, Comet Hale-Bopp and Comet Kohoutek.


  • Height of toy seated is approximately 4 inches
  • All New Materials
  • Content: Polyester Fiber
  • Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations
  • Made in the USA of imported materials
  • Rated "0+" . . . Appropriate for children of all ages
  • Care. Spot clean with mild detergent and cold water, but toy may be machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle, if needed.  Best to dry at low or no heat in a pillow case or similar to reduce risk of scratching the toy's "eyes."

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Christopher Grecco
Comet Buddy

He is really cute with that Mohawk😉.

The Lady From Planet X
So Cute!

I love the way Comet Buddy's "hair" is styled like a mohawk so you can tease it forward, backward, sideways and parted to go with its streamlined style. Totally radical!

Adorable Little Fella

Celestial Buddies Comet is SO CUTE! Everyone needs the Celestial Buddies!
The hair, the swirls, even the grey colour! The little face is adorable! 🎈🎈💚☄️💫🔷

Comets are awesome!

We have three comets because my little one is trying to collect enough to cover all the named comets in our solar system. They absolutely love them. We recently ordered two and each new comet had a small whole somewhere along the seam. I would just recommend that quality control be considered.

UPDATE: Customer service is as great as their products. Celestial Buddies got back to me ASAP about fixing the problem. Love this solar system!

Great Toys for Kids

My son is currently into the solar system so we purchased the entire set (eventually). He loves the comet and plays with the hair every time. Great for kids! Thanks!